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Educational Qualifications

Examination Passed Year Board/University Performance
High School (AISSE) 1995 CBSE 79 Percent
Sr. Secondary (AISSCE) 1997 CBSE 75 Percent
B. Tech (Chemical Engg.) 2001 AMU 1st division / 6.58 CPI / 65.3 %

CST 2002 (G Level) Score: 98 percentile (overall); 96 percentile in Data Structures; 86 in OOP in C++.

GATE 2001 (Computer Science) Score: 89 Percentile

CST 2001 (D LeveL) Score: 93 percentile (overall); 99 in C Programming; 98 in Computer Organization & OS

The history of my education

For further details, read The Story of My Life

I had my schooling in New Green Field Public School (i.e. a private school as known here) since Nursery on to my Intermediate (Prep school as the Yanks call it). I had always been in the top 10 list of students in my class and used to stay in the good books of my teachers. School saw me grow from a shy fragile kid into a character wise strong but physically lean youth with a better than average quality of gray matter.

I decided in favor of Sanskrit against Hindi in X std. and that paid off. My teacher was quite impressed with my grasp of the language. I scored 79% overall and 90% in Science. In Sanskrit I scored 83. In XI I went for the Science stream and took English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering Drawing as the main subjects. I started preparing for IIT-JEE and took the assistance of the postal course offered by Brilliant Tutorials. The XII board examination saw me scoring 75% overall with 83% in PCM. By this time my interest was in becoming an architect, not an engineer

I took the admission tests for University of Roorkee (UOR), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), besides IIT-JEE, for Engineering and UOR and SPA (School of Planning and Architecture) for Architecture. I got through AMU -- Chemical Engineering.

I enrolled in Chemical Engineering in AMU but couldn't come to terms with engineering. In my summer vacs I made another attempt at SPA and this time I got thru B. Planning but decided to continue with engineering since career prospects were better in the latter (duh!). In the summer vacations after II year I did my summer training in Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) R&D Center in Faridabad. That was my best summer vacation in college. I worked on FCC Technology and that paid me off in at least three subjects in college.

During my third year at AMU, I learnt C, and soon became quite proficient. I went on and wrote a chemical engineering software in C that earned me the I prize in a national level seminar. I also learned C++, got hooked on to Linux and decided to buy a PC soon.

In the summer vacs after III year (June 2000), I bought a PC: AMD Athlon - 600 MHz; 128 MB PC100 RAM; 10 GB Seagate HDD.... I installed Linux and learnt a lot through it.

In the middle of Final year I learnt web designing and came up with a prior version of this site. This went besides my studies for GATE 2001 in Computer Science and Engineering. I also applied for CST D Level. Scores? 89 percentile in GATE, 93 percentile overall in CST with 99 and 98 percentiles respectively in C and COOS.

In September 2001, I joined NCST and that meant a break for studies. I gave the G-Level of CST in Jan 2002 and scored 98 percentile overal. Now I'm looking forward to higher education but can't say when it's going to come. However, NCST is a very good place to keep learning and I've already learnt a lot here - Multi-tier Application Design, Web Applications, Database Design, XML, Wireless LANs etc.

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