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Professional Projects
Seminars and Lectures
Educational Projects
Extra-Curricular Activities

Professional Projects

Free Software Projects

Xqueeze: XML Compaction [xqueeze.sourceforge.net]
The prime cause of verbosity of XML is the lavish nature of XML (and SGML) in which the meta-data is represented and the tendency of XML writers to use long identifiers for elements, attributes etc. Xqueeze aims to introduce compaction into XML in a manner that is most unintrusive to the application development and deployment process. The only assumption we make is that the DTD / Schema is available to the application using Xqueeze.
Technologies: XML, C++.

Ayttm [ayttm.sourceforge.net]
Ayttm is a unified GTK instant-messaging client. It supports Yahoo, MSN and AIM (and more) protocols. I have written the Ayttm User Manual and I also maintain its website.
Technologies: HTML, SSI.

Projects at Last Workplace (NCST)

RRU Information Database
This was an information management system for the RRUs (Regional Resource Units) of IAEA.
Technologies: ASP.Net, VB.Net, MS SQL Server 2000

Corporate Intranet Portal
This web portal serves as a common access point to all the web-based applications in the company intranet. It also features role-based access configuration and active access control depending on the functions of an employee in the company. The portal framework frees the application developer from the burden of security, appearance and navigation management while giving the user a highly integrated feel to all the applications. The portal runs entirely on SSL with 128 bit encryption.
Technologies: SSI, ASP, PHP, IIS 5, MS SQL Server 2000

Online Library Catalog and Management System
This online system provides online access to the Online catalog of our library, which is established in two geographical locations and provides membership to students and professionals not directly related to the company. The System also includes applications for Library Management.
Technologies: SSI, PHP, ASP, IIS 5, MS SQL Server 2000

Web Based Recruitment System [www.hrdbarc.gov.in]
This system was developed for a Premier PSU and Research Organization and involved full computerization of the recruitment process of the company.
Technologies: SSI, ASP, Apache 1.3, IIS, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server 2000

Seminars and Lectures

Advanced Application Development using EJB (June 2003)
This was one of the modules of the APGDST course offered by NCST. I took three lectures -- Introduction to Web Services, which covered the architectural concepts of Web Services and how they relate to distributed application frameworks like CORBA; Security in EJB, which covered the role-based access model of EJB with reference to JBoss 3.0; and Introduction to XML, which covered the basics of XML as a language, DTDs, XPath, XLink, XSLT, DOM and SAX.

Streamlining XML for Data Intensive Applications (May 2003)
This was a seminar taken for the Bombay Chapter of ACM. I discussed various means of tackling the problems of XML's size and parsing complexity for improvement in performance of XML based applications and application frameworks. [Related to Xqueeze]

Database Management Systems (March 2003)
This was one of the modules of the PGDST course offered by NCST. I took five lectures: Database Security and Integrity; SQL-99 Standards; Distributed Databases; Client-Server Architecture and Data Warehousing.

Introduction to IEEE 802.11 LANs (January 2003)
This was a guest seminar that I took for the PGDIT course offered by NCST. The coverage of the course was from my article on the same subject.

Educational Projects

Design of a 100, 000 TPA Methanol Production Plant based on the ICI Process (July 2000)
This was my Final Year Plant-Design Project where a Methanol Production Plant had to be designed based on the ICI Process, using Associated Gas from Bombay High as the Primary Raw Material.

Development of a DBMS supported Sales Management Application for a Chemical Manufacturing Company (July 2000)
This was my Final Year Computational Project and it involved the development of a Relational Database in Oracle for the sales department of a Chemical Manufacturing Company. The front-end was designed in Developer 2000.

Prize Winning Paper Presentation (February 2000)
I have authored a paper (with a co-author) based on my project: Computer Simulation of McCabe Thiele and Cross Flow Sieve Tray Design. I presented the paper in Chemference 2000, a national level symposium for Chemical Engineering Students held in the S.R.M. Engineering College, Kanchipuram, on 11th and 12th February 2000. I was awarded the Ist Prize for my paper.

Computer Simulation of McCabe-Thiele and Cross Flow Sieve Tray Design (February 2000)
This was a self-conceived project, which involved the simulation of steps involved in the graphical method for finding the number of trays used in a Distillation Tower, thereby surpassing the highest levels of accuracy achievable by unassisted processing. The software also proposes a sieve tray design based on the user's requirement and aids in optimization by interactively analyzing user given values of design parameters.

Current Industry Trends in FCC Technology (June 1999)
This was the project I had undertaken during my Summer-training in The Indian Oil Corporation R&D Center. The project dealt with a study of the process mechanism of FCC (Fluidized Catalytic Cracking) and the trends in the evolution of FCC Technology. (I had also done some experimentation on dual-solid separation in Continuous Fluidized Beds with my Training guides but my term ended before completion of the experiments.)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Club Management: March 1999
I was certified as being an active member of the University Literary Club and holding the post of Central Club Manager, during the session 1998-1999. I also redesigned the club logo, which appears in all the official Club Documents.

Debate: 28th February 1998 (National Science Day)
I was awarded the III prize in the University Level Debate Competition held on the National Science Day in the Department of Physics, AMU. I debated against the motion: "Human Cloning Should be Banned".

Mr. Fresher: 1997
I was titled "Mr. Fresher" of the Department of Chemical Engineering, AMU, in 1997.

Lab demonstration: 15th December 1997
I was certified as having actively participated in the Laboratory Experiment Demonstration Programmes arranged in the college during the Open Days Celebrations (11 - 13 Dec, 1997)

Mathematics Olympiad: March 1995
I was certified as having scored 63% marks in the National Mathematics Olympiad Contest 1995 conducted by the Delhi Association of Mathematics Teachers.

On the spot Essay Writing: 28th February 1994 (National Science Day)
I was awarded the cash prize by Prof. S K Joshi, President of INSA and Director-General, CSIR, for my outstanding performance in the on-the-spot Essay Writing competition, conducted by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) for my essay on "Bio-Technology".


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