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Can you be among my - Best Friends | Most Interesting | Not so hot ?

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Can you be my Friend? Here are the signs...

I did an analysis of my friendship pattern based on my closest 15 friends on four criteria and three categories. From what came out, it seems that socializing is a very important factor followed by a limited Zodiac of Cancer - Libra - Taurus, but let me emphasize that these are broad inferences and exceptions are there. Read on...

Best Friends

These are the friends who are (or were at some point of time) people whom I spent a great deal of time with and who provided a support system for me.

Zodiac: In the Zodiac of my best friends, Taurus tops, closely followed by Libra and Cancer, in that order.

Cars: Surprisingly, despite my great interest in cars, none of my best friends are / were much inclined! So this isn't a criterion for judgment of whether you can be my best friend.

Computers: Unlike cars, computers do interest my best friends to a moderate extent, though there are people who don't have much interest in computers either.

Socializing: This is one thing that seems to be a mandatory requisite. All my best friends are good socializers, some of them really into it


Most Interesting

These are the people with whom I have a whale of a time. They are the ones that bring freshness in my life.

Zodiac: This category is routed by Librans and Cancerians - them only! I tried to look at others but, frankly speaking, other Zodiacs were way behind.

Cars: This is where I have equal number of friends who are car crazy, moderately interested or not interested at all. That just shows I can enjoy things other than cars too :-)

Computers: This category is populated by people who are heavily interested in Computers. There are people who were less interested, but it is certainly good to have someone who knows his bits and nibbles.

Socializing: This has again proved to be a very significant factor. I really take to people who take to people! In fact, those who couldn't make up on the cars and computers scene seem to have stuck just because they are heavy socializers! Interestingly, I haven't come across someone who's heavily into cars, computers and socializing all at the same time.


Not so hot...

These are people who have been good long-standing friends but...

Zodiac: Other than Librans, Taureans, Cancerians, Aquarius, Aries and Scorpios, I haven't had really great friends though I get along well with people from every sign.

Cars & Computers: All my friends in this category had no interest in cars and some interest in computers.

Socializing: This really seems to be the deciding factor. Again, none of the people in this category were heavy socializers and a few were moderate in this regard but most failed to socialize too much.





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