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NGFX95 AT yahoogroups DOT com:
The egroup of guys and gals of the 1995 High School batch from New Green Field School, New Delhi

What is NGFX95?

NGFX95 is derived from NGF that is (obviously) New Green Field, the school in which we guys studied. "X" is Roman for 10, the class which we were in and 95 for the year 1995, when we passed out. This is an egroup, hosted by Yahoo! Groups. It was started on 3 September 2001 by me, with the objective of banding together my batch-mates. For general information about what an egroup is, please visit the Yahoo! Groups Website.

Why NGFX95?

Hey, this one is easy! I just wanted to get together with the guys and gals from the good ol' school days and this was the most convenient and productive way for not just me, but everybody to stay together. We can share our thoughts, experiences, jokes, photos, opinions and even schedules with each other in an easy way. Even if the school isn't, I'm sure the NGFX95 guys are going to be on top of the world. And since it is lonely at the top, this group is for the NGFX95 to give each other company up there! If you are eligible to be a part of this gang, what are you waiting for? Hop on to the bus Quick!!

How to Join

Joining the group is pretty simple. Just give your email address below and click the Image. That's it!

Subscribe to NGFX95

Since the membership to the group is restricted, you'll have to wait for a day or two till I approve of your membership. Upon subscription, you will receive a Welcome message containing useful usage information. In case you are unable to subscribe or are unsure whether you have been subscribed, send an email to [ tahir AT ncst DOT ernet DOT in ] giving your full name, the section of class X you were in and stating your problem(s). For more information on how to use the facilities offered to you as a member, you can see the NGFX95 FAQ page or check out the NGFX95 egroup page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NGFX95. If you already have a Yahoo! ID, you can simply reach the group's member area at http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups.

NGFX95 Members

Currently, we have the following members in NGFX95:

  1. Ajay Chandran, X - B
  2. Basant Pandey, X - B
  3. Divya Sharma, X - A
  4. Gaurav Vashishta, X - B
  5. Nagarajan (Rajan), X - E
  6. Nitin Mongia, X - B
  7. Preeti Upreti, X - B
  8. Rajni Ekta Soharu, X - A
  9. Rashmi Choudhary, X - C
  10. Richa Tyagi, X - B
  11. Sachin Garg, X - B
  12. Sachin Sejwal, X - B
  13. Shashi Vijay, X - A
  14. Shri Lakshmi, X - B
  15. Sudhir Nair, X - A
  16. Tahir Hashmi, X - B
How, where, what... NGFX95 FAQ

Here is a compilation of questions that are frequently asked by the members and aspirants of NGFX95. See if you can find the answer to your problems in this list. Click here for the NGFX95 FAQ. If you still don't get it, write to me at [ tahir AT ncst DOT ernet DOT in ] giving details of your problems.

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