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Tahir Hashmi "Keep the faith (baby yeah),
b'coz its just a matter of time
before your confidence will win out
believe in yourself no matter what it's gon' take
you can be a winner but you've got to keep the faith"


Age  25 Registered Linux User No. 231670
Sex Male
Height 5' 10"
Location New Delhi, Bombay
Status Unmarried
Qualifications Bachelor of Technology 
Born December 5, 1979 (5 Dec is Walt Disney's B'day too!)
Zodiac Sagittarius


Some Frequently Asked Questions about me and related topics.

Likes & Dislikes

I like cars with spoilers, girls with short hair, glass curtain walls, perfumes, linux, linux, linux, slim watches, mughlai food, sketching, tours, loud music, thrillers. I hate kitchen-work, washing clothes, cricket, bindis and payals, going to the bank, men wearing jewelry, all the species of insects and reptiles!


Computer Technology: Oh! this is one thing I can't dream not having. My primary interests are computing (literally), programming, networks and distributed systems. I am a supporter of open source and standards. Not just a Linux freak, I am also of the faith that Linux has been sent down on earth by the Lord Almighty to serve the cause of the poor and deprived and to unite the world into universal brotherhood (that's a piece of humor, OK?).

Automobiles: I've been a car and bike fanatic since childhood. I firmly believe that cars and bikes are an extension of ones personality and I am especially concerned with the design and styling of a vehicle. My favorite cars from the Indian market are Lancer SportE and Mercedes-Benz C Class. LML-Daelim Adreno is my favorite bike. Otherwise, I love Dodge Vipers, McLaren F1, Corvettes and Audis. Suzuki makes bikes that I like, so does Yamaha.

Sketching & Artwork: I love to sketch, especially automobiles, guns, corporate logos (I've even designed the logo of our University's Literary Club) - inanimate things in general. I am also good at artwork. In the college, me and a senior, Mesbahul Alam, designed the posters for the campaign of the inaugural issue of our Hall Magazine. The posters were done on mount-board sheets and they were all shaped. The campaign was appreciated all around the campus! I was also the crash-designer of the College Fashion Show posters.


Autos: Mitsubishi Lancer, Mercedes Benz CLK GTR, McLaren F1, Dodge Viper is the car of my dreams, Benelli Tornado, Yamaha YBX and LML Adreno (Ferrari Red).

Artists: My favorite actors are Aamir Khan, Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage - actually I like many actors for some of their individual performances but these are the all-time favorites. Among the actresses, I like Raveena Tandon (yeah! no kidding) the most and after that comes a long list of others.

Music: I listen to 'most anything that's loud, fast and rythmic but my favorite music is Hard Rock. Metallica is my all time favorite. Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Megadeth are also bands of choice. Michael Jackson is my favorite-most pop star.

Authors: Frederick Forsyth - boy! the novels he has written can never be put down before the end! I've also read Jeffrey Archer, Alistair MacLean, JRR Tolkien (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings), Ayn Rand (Fountainhead), John Grisham (The Client, The Partner), Robin Cook (Terminal), Mark Twain (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) and Erich Segal (Doctors, Love Story).

© 2002 - 2004 Tahir Hashmi. Unauthorized copying, alteration and redistribution in any media is prohibited, except where explicitly stated as being distributed under the OpenContent License (OPL). Last updated: 21 February, 2021. Update Log. Personal Email: tahir AT tahir.ws [PGP Key: ASCII, Binary]; code_martial AT softhome.net [PGP Key: ASCII, Binary] IM: Yahoo! Messenger [tn_hashmi]