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McLarens are among the fastest roadgoing cars in production as well as one of the top three constructors in Formula-1 Championships. They're also winners of many Le Mans 24 hour races. Matching their ground-breaking performance are their looks. All this is showcased in a tastefully designed website, www.mclarencars.com, that is a good source of authentic McLaren information. Whoa! you're still reading? Go there!

Mercedes Benz

My favorite auto-maker has a brilliantly designed website with a huge collection of photos that form bulk of my Merc collection. From luxury sedans to high-performance sports cars, Merc-Benz has it all and that touch of class. Go check out www.mercedes-benz.com but make sure that you have enough time to spare.


The most charming thing about Lamborghini is that you can expect it to be something very different from the norm. The sharp-edge styling and never-before shapes of their cars give them a distinctive class and novelty. Their website is also an example of this philosophy. Though it's all done in Flash (bad idea, IMHO), the layout, navigation and execution are all brilliant. Lot's of photos there but you need more than a right-click to save them. Showing at www.lamborghini.com.


This portal for Supercar enthusiasts is a gold-mine of information as well as wallpapers and photos. Though the website is not designed very tastefully, it does contain a lot of focused content and has forums for enthusiasts to interact in. It can prove to be a staple for anyone digging for supercars. Zoom off to www.supercars.net.


Yamaha Motor Co.'s official website is a tastefully designed low-tech (read easily accessible) job with excellent content and photo galleries. Do visit the European, and Global sub-sites. The North American sub-site is all done in Flash. Here's where to go: www.yamaha-motor.co.jp.


This is the place to be for getting all the buzz around FIA and Formula-1. You get the latest news, features, race photos and analyses, a virtual paddock and even a GP Encyclopedia! I haven't seen anything better than this site for Fromula-1. Take the pole position at grandprix.com.

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