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The log of changes made to this website on a monthly basis.

2003: January | February

2003: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

2002: January | February | March | April | May | June| July | August | September | October | November | December

2001: July | August | September | October | November | December

February 2004:

  • A long pending article on why I use C++ is added
  • Updated Ambar Jailkhani's profile.

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January 2004:

  • Took off Car and Bike images. I couldn't find time to update them.
  • Updates in the Myself section

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August through December 2003:

  • Upgraded the Slideshow script to show image details also
  • Added Screenshots slideshow in IMAGES
  • Added FAQ page in MYSELF
  • Updated information about friends.

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July 2003:

  • Uploaded my PGP keys
  • Updated information in Experience and Expertise pages.

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January through June 2003:

  • New Domain Name! Welcome to codemartial.org :-)
  • Spanking new PHP based slideshow system for the IMAGES section (Greg Lawler's phpslideshow.php with a lot of customization hacks)
  • Hot new pics of the 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320
  • Added a handful of military aircraft in IMAGES
  • New snaps in Personal Photos slideshow
  • Left menu reverted to non-floating style
  • Information brought up-to-date at various places
  • Stylized Google Site Search box
  • Content updates between January 2003 and May 2003 were not logged.

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December 2002:

  • Added a page on how to get Sawfish to work in Red Hat 8.0
  • Updated the NGFX95 Homepage

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November 2002:

  • Minor content updates in several places.

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October 2002:

  • Added a whole new channel, Places, to the site.
  • Brand new Yamaha, Lamborghini and Viper pics.
  • Moved personal photos into the main site and scrapped my scriptmania account.
  • Slideshows now have spaces in image listings. (I'll convert each slideshow with updates to it.)

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September 2002:

  • Minor content updates in several places.

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August 2002:

  • Updated "Expertise" page in "Myself" Channel
  • Renamed "Achievements" to "Experience" and updated content.
  • Added links to my PGP Public Key on the Home Page.

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July 2002:

  • Added Google Site Search to Left Menu. Go Button's color changes with Channel.
  • Added "Made with Emacs" sticker to Left Menu
  • Updated Information about Nadir

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June 2002:

  • Ported All Images section from scriptmania (except Personal Albums). Major work (whew)!

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May 2002:

  • Added Report on Wireless LANs to Computers Channel
  • Made the Left Menu Collapsible
  • Added my Logo to the website
  • Added a back link to the HomePage through my logo on top of the Left Menu
  • Left Menu doesn't scroll in CSS2 compliant browsers

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April 2002:

  • Added the Travellogue page to Myself Channel

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March 2002:

  • Added the F1 Grand Prix Coverage to the Autos > MotorSport page.
  • Getting less and less time to maintain this site but I'm not giving up!

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February 2002:

  • Udated the information available on the Myself Section.

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January 2002:

  • TOTAL TURNAROUND FOLKS!! This time around I changed the entire site structure. Here's what:
  • On to NCST's Web Server - The site is now hosted on NCST Juhu's Web Server.
  • "All Images" still on Scriptmania due to space constraints.
  • Goodbye Frames. The site now works real good even on text-only browsers.
  • Goodbye Microsoft Code. It's mostly hand-coded now, with only some remnants of FP2k code.
  • Hail SSI! I've used SSI heavily for the impeccable integration of the site.

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December 2001:

  • Updated the About Me Page for my age (turned 22!)
  • Added the '' to Contents (ASCII 187, Thanks to the wonderful "GNOME Character Map" App)

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November 2001:

  • Updated the About Me Page to include the 'Registered Linux User' Sticker
  • Enhanced the Stylesheet for Justified paragraphs and margin on left and right
  • Working slowly but steadly towards standards compliance and away from M$ code

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October 2001:

  • Added information about my new job and stay in Bombay
  • Added the Yahoo! Instant Messenger Link
  • Added link to my corporate website in NCST

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September 2001:

  • Added the NGFX95 Home Page with FAQs and instant subscription
  • Added propaganda on superiority of Linux GUI over Windows
  • Added Images of Chevrolet Corvette and Hummer in the Cars Gallery under GM
  • Changed some Car logos in the Cars gallery
  • Expanded Friends section with "Can you be my Friend?" page

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August 2001:

  • Changed the entire color scheme of the Website
  • New "Collapsible Tree" type navigation through left side-bar
  • Replaced images of Mercedes Benz C Class with fresh ones
  • Added more images of Mercedes Benz SLK
  • Added links to other websites related to AMU
  • Changed the "Personal Photos" page to include credits and Album descriptions
  • Updated and re-organized the "About Me" page

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July 2001:

  • Changed the interface for viewing personal photographs
  • Improved the quality of the personal photographs
  • Switched over to a new guest book
  • Added link to the Homepage in Contents
  • Added this page to the Website
  • Added the "New in this Month" section
  • Added new images of Mercedes-Benz E & S Class
  • Introduced the Computers section
  • Added the "Programming" page to the Computers section
  • Added the "Linux" page to the Computers section
  • Added the "Resources" page to the Computers section

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This is the beginning of the log page. This site went online in October 2000, but the logging of changes started in July 2001.


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